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The all-new Honda e has created a wave across the country since it’s launch last year with it’s retro look and clean simple lines. But don’t just take our word for how brilliant the Honda e is, take a look at some of the recent reviews from the best in the motor industry.

Honda e Review: Independent

"I felt that first little flicker of Christmas magic recently when I discovered a digital aquarium in this week’s review car. No, you’re not seeing things: there was a digital aquarium, with brilliantly colourful and bright fish, on a big screen on the dash of the new electric Honda e. You can add different species and even feed them."

Honda e Review:

"The Honda e is a fully electric compact car designed first and foremost to appeal to style-conscious city dwellers. In Ireland, it doesn't really have any direct rivals as yet - it can't compete with other EVs on range, but it is leagues ahead when it comes to design and tech. You could say it is in a class of its own, though how successful it will be is likely to come down to price, which we don't know anything about as yet."

Honda e Review: Irish Examiner

"As we here at Examiner Motoring are currently in the middle of a rigorous examination of the dos and don’ts of electric motoring, it is entirely appropriate this week that we drive one of the coolest, most magnetic and charming of the genre. That this diminutive beast is also a pretty remarkable feat of engineering and design and – an absolute must for petrolhead renegades – a thorough joy to drive, only adds to the growing suspicion among Doubting Thomas’s, like myself, that the motor industry is finally getting to grips with technologies it should have mastered years ago."

Honda e Review: CarZone

Honda e Review: Nobby On Cars

Honda e Review:

Honda e Review: EV Platform

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